Dear Friend:
My name is Randy Jessup and I am the pastor of First Baptist Church of Mayodan in North Carolina.  I have had the honor of knowing Paul and Cindy for many years.  They love the Lord with all their hearts and have lived totally by faith, trusting God to meet all their needs.  They sold their home in North Carolina and bought a travel trailer and travel throughout the USA ministering to churches and Pastors through music and preaching.  They have ministered to me and our church several times and each the time Lord has blessed mightily with lives and marriages and relationships being transformed. Paul is very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and he and his wife Cindy, are like a breath of fresh air.  I have known Paul for a very long time and he is one of the most holy men I know.  God has anointed Paul and Cindy to touch the hearts of Pastors and Churches to encourage them to keep up the good fight and not to give up.  Pray about having Paul and Cindy come to your church and who knows... Revival may break out.  
Rev. Randy Jessup - Mayodan, NC

A Man of God
I had just lost my job of 12 years and was sitting at home with my infant daughter, feeding her lunch and watching TV. A show called “Ask the Pastor” was on our local channel. I had seen the show several times before and previously had noticed a certain pastor answering the questions in a way that I just knew the answers were coming straight from the Holy Spirit. I was hoping that he was going to be on the show today because I really needed to hear from the Lord. He was on the show (Hallelujah) and this time I made sure to catch his name. It was Paul Talley. Then when I heard him state where his church was I just couldn’t believe it, it was not too far from where we lived. I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home from work to tell him that I believed that we had finally found a church!

We went to visit Pastor Paul’s church, and as soon as we walked in the door we knew that we were home! The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong in that place.

That was 5 years ago. Throughout these years my husband and I, as well as our 2 daughters, have grown so much in our walk with Christ. We know that the credit does not go to Pastor Paul, as all credit goes to God. But we praise God every single day that Paul opened himself up to the Lord and allowed God to use him as a vessel. God poured into Paul, and then Paul poured out to us. Listening to Paul bring God’s Word is a wonderful, Spirit-filled experience. God always makes Himself known through both Paul’s preaching and his music.

Listen to the lyrics of Pastor Talley’s music. They are written by a man who is truly, head-over-heels in love with the Lord.

Cindy Talley is the perfect compliment to Paul. Their ministry is so sweet and so full of love. I know that God is truly the center of their life - their marriage and their ministry. That’s why God’s presence is always felt when you’re around them.. because the Word says that where 2 or more are gathered in His name there will He be also. These two wonderful people are alwaysgathered in His name, therefore God is always with them everywhere they go. They are a tremendous blessing to those of us who know them.

I pray that you will get the extreme pleasure of getting to know Paul and Cindy too!
Janet Odom - Mayodan, NC

A Powerful Moving Ministry
The Traveling Talleys... Powerful, Moving, and Effective Music and preaching of the word that will reach your soul, open your heart, and set you on a course of Spiritual Renewal that will lead you closer to our Dear Heavenly Father.

When I heard Paul's God given talents of singing, playing the heavenly trumpet, keyboard and accordion....then to hear the inspired word of God come out of Paul's mouth........I was touched tremendously!  My walk with the Lord has been much closer since I witnessed Paul and Cindy's ministry last summer - June 07. 

Along with Paul, Cindy has been given the gift of technology for running the sound systems, ministering, and counseling those who are hurting or struggling with their walks in life.

Talley Ministries has changed my life through their Christian testimony.   This ministry can help to change your life too.   God has blessed this faithful and self-sacrificing couple because of their eagerness to follow the Lord's complete will.    I wish the whole country could hear their message............this would really make a change in our land.

Mindy A. Burns - Berrien Springs, MI

I want to recommend to you the ministry of Paul and Cindy Talley.  Paul has a relaxed style of ministry that has really connected with our congregation.  When I first contacted them with an opportunity to minister here at First Assembly in Gainesville , Texas , I sensed their sincerity and willingness to work with our unique situation and encourage God’s presence in worship with our congregation.  Paul has written many songs that uniquely and simply express a heart-felt desire to worship the Lord.  Paul was able to reach the youth of our congregation with his music as well as touch the hearts of our older members.

I want to encourage you to schedule them for a service as the Lord may lead you.  

 May the Lord bless you and your ministry. 
 Rev. Jerry Elliott - Gainesville, TX  

Their Hearts are to Magnify the Lord
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the ministry of Paul and Cindy Talley.  Paul is a second generation preacher who also happens to be a multi-talented musician that can play 4 instruments as well as sing.

A service with Paul Talley features something for everyone.  From traditional hymns to inspirational worship choruses to new songs written by Paul, the music and message fit together to exalt the Lord and move the listener to a decision in their own lives at the alter call.  Paul’s preaching style is a thorough exposition of the text he is dealing with that presents clear context to the passage and a personal application to everyone in the congregation.

Paul travels with his wife Cindy who takes care of the “behind the scenes” aspect of their ministry.  Together, they share a passion for the Lord and a desire to see people accept Christ as their Savior and grow as Christians.  From the moment you meet Paul and Cindy you will know they’re real.

Your congregation will be strengthened and edified, you will be satisfied and blessed, and the Lord will be magnified and glorified.
Rev. Marty Braemer - Titusville, FL

Powerful Ministry
I have known Paul and Cindy Talley now for approximately 6 ½  years.  I met them as they ministered in churches in the upstate NY area.  Paul’s preaching has the anointing of the Holy Spirit and he conveys the message God lays on his heart for each individual church for edification and encouragement.  The Bible message is purposeful and relevant for the Body of Christ today.

Paul sings songs of praise for the first part of his service.  He has written lyrics and music for over 200 songs that God has given him.  He plays accordion, keyboard, trumpet and guitar.  Cindy plays the bass guitar as she often accompanies him.  After hearing their music and how they share the Word of God, I try to be at every service when they are in the area.  It is awesome when a Body of Believers join together in praise and worship!

Both Paul and Cindy have powerful testimonies of how God has changed their lives.  I would like to encourage you to read about their ministry and their background.   Their ministry would be a blessing to any church regardless of denomination.  We are all one Body in Christ.

In Christ,
Linda Pawlak - Detroit, MI

Thank God for their ministry:
It has been our pleasure to get to know Paul & Cindy Talley.  We have been privileged to witness their dedication to the ministry that God has called them to. Their love and devotion to the things of God is so evident and contagious. We just praise and thank God for their music and ministry and hope that many will have the chance to be a part of it.
Wayne & Shari Miller - Fort Wayne, IN

Anointed and Gifted Ministry:
Words can not express the wonderful anointed weekly teaching and music that Paul Talley brought to our Church several years back. 
Paul never preached an overly-prepared message series, but rather taught as the Lord gave him the words.  
He is very well acquainted with the Word not only because of his years as a pastor, but because of his intense independent study. 
Paul preached the truth bravely while at the same time brought fantastic self-composed music and a bit of home spun humor as well. 

His brilliant God-given talent on the trumpet, piano, organ, accordion and most recently the guitar makes it like you are listening to a one-man band.

 When the Lord called him and his wife Cindy to travel full time we were so sad, but felt Paul heard the voice of the Lord.  They gave up everything they owned, including their home, bought a small travel trailer and struck out with no guarantees but what the 

Lord would provide along the way. Yes, they miss their families.  To say their life is easy would not be the truth, but they are faithful and joyful through it all.  They have had many victories seeing lives transformed and churches receiving new life through these years and they are ‘counting it all joy'!  They visit and minister to many varied denominations and see it as their calling to minister to and support the local pastors.

Cindy is a brilliant IT person.  She handles the computer, mixes and produces their CDs, as well as all correspondence. She initiates communications with the churches in the areas where they will be traveling to and co-ordinates the arrangements and calendar.  Cindy also plays the Bass Guitar with Paul as they minister in churches.

Whether it is an evening concert or a morning message or both, it is guaranteed to be time well spent hearing the truth preached, laughing at Paul's humor and rejoicing in extraordinary music that brings the presence of the Holy Spirit in worship.

Over the years, we have found them to be selfless, kind, and anointed servants and evangelists of the Lord, growing through trials, putting Him first no matter what and bearing much fruit of the Spirit. 

 Ed and Lynn Brady - Thomasville, NC

Your Ministry Blesses People
God has given you the amazing gift of touching the hearts of the people; every time the people hear your music and the Word, they are blessed.  I know the praises of the people give all the glory and honor unto the Lord.

Every time I hear your music and the Word, I am blessed very much.
Thank you and Thank you Jesus!
Aeja Decker - Saratoga Springs, NY

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